Building a temple is an immense service for society, as it will bring peace and happiness to an endless number of people for many decades, and it is a rare opportunity for you to participate, especially in a country like the USA, where the Buddha’s Teachings are not easily available. Additionally, from a Buddhist point of view, it is one of the highest meritorious deeds and will bring merit in epic proportions to you and your family, in this life and many future lives.

All the donations are federal & State tax deductible.

Sera Jey Foundation will make no discrimination towards our volunteers, members, or attendees based on age, religious affiliation, race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, disability, income, or any other status. Buddha’s teachings on equanimity and universal compassion guide us to develop a kind heart towards all living beings without discrimination, and to welcome with joy and compassion anyone who walks through our doors.