Final Statement from Geshe Lobsang Dorji

Final Statement from Geshe Lobsang Dorji, spiritual director and general secretary of Sera Jey Foundation

As of 9 pm July 6th, 2022, I am officially resigned from all my duties and positions with the Sera Jey Foundation.
Ever since preparing to found Sera Jey Foundation in 2013, I had not intended to preserve it by myself but insisted the Monastery to send more Geshe las to California for serving Monastery and community, the general public, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Dharma. Also to offer Geshe las an opportunity to learn modern knowledge.

After the founding of Sera Jey Foundation, I have submitted numerous requests for more Geshe las since Sera Jey has more than a thousand Geshe las. The Monastery insisted me to serve here until more Geshe las arrive, and I did serve for all these years.

Recently, three of Sera Jey Foundation’s board members including myself visited and met with Monastery’s Board together with the current and former Monastery chief secretaries. It was decided to send more Geshe las here to take charge of Sera Jey Foundation. Therefore, on April 18th 2022, I tendered my resignation from all duties. But Sera Jey Monastery and Foundation Board insisted that I stay for a few more months until the Geshe las could arrive here, which I agreed to do until July 6th.

Now I am moving on to focus on my own Medication and Meditation. I dedicate all the merits created by my service for His Holiness’s Longevity, His Dharma, and the benefit of all beings. Many thanks and prayers to all my dear Dharma brothers and sisters. I request to all of you for your continued support for Sera Jey Foundation.

Best wishes and prayers,
Sera Jey Geshe Lobsang Dorji