His Holiness The Dalai Lama: Live Teaching on Introduction to Buddhism

August 10th, 2021.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give a short general teaching on Buddhism for a group of Indonesian school students followed by a question and answer session online from his residence in Dharamsala, HP, India on August 11, 2021 organized by the Buddhist community Kadam Choeling in Indonesia. This is part of a program which visits schools in different cities in Indonesia to tell stories from the Jataka Tales (Life Stories of the Buddha). Viewers are requested to please follow their local social distancing rules while viewing the live webcast.

達賴喇嘛尊者將為印尼學生們進行簡略說法。結束說法後,尊者會回覆印尼Kadam Choeling佛教協會所提出的某些問題,進行問答環節。這個活動是計劃項目之一,該項目包括訪問印尼不同城市的學校,為學生們講述《本生經》的故事。
主辦單位:印尼Kadam Choeling佛教協會